Zirconia crown in Bengaluru

Zirconia crowns and bridges

Zirconia crowns have become a more popular teeth replacement option for all the benefits it offers. Zirconia crowns are used as a way to supports broken, weaken, or misshapen teeth and to cap a root canal treated tooth

What is Zirconia crown made of?

Zirconia is a white powdered metal oxide used as Zirconium dioxide. Zirconia is made from Zirconium which is a highly durable and match the look of natural teeth as well. Zirconia is a type of All-ceramic crown.

Restore and Improve your Smile with Zirconia crowns

Cost of Zirconia crown in Bangalore

Benefits of Zirconia crowns - It definitely deserves all the Hype

Resembles natural tooth enamel due to its colour and translucence

Stain resistant

Very minimal tooth reduction required

Biocompatible with oral tissues

No metal base

Extremely DURABLE

5 times stronger than Porcelain crown

Long term Warranty guaranteed

Also suitable for individuals who have teeth grinding habit

Resists hot and cold temperature well. Thus chances of hypersensitivity is nil

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