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Complete Denture

A complete denture is a removable prosthetic appliance used when all the natural teeth have been lost.It is a prosthetic replacement which is comfortable,durable and strong.

Causes of tooth loss :

  • Dental caries
  • Periodontal disease
  • Trauma
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • In Elderly people-Age related

Effects of teeth loss

  • Facial muscles on the cheeks and lips lose their support as teeth are lost, resulting in ‘aged appearance’ of the individual
  • Loss in mastication or chewing efficiency
    Teeth function to help with the chewing of food, grinding, breaking it down to small pieces that can be swallowed. Loss of teeth definitely results in inefficient grinding of food eventually resulting Indigestion problem. Thus, denture wearing to a certain extent aid to regain some masticatory function back to normal.

Speak clearly, Laugh often, and Eat well; Enjoy your life!

At Excel Dental Care, Bangalore we help you restore your teeth, improve your speech clarity, help you relish the food you haven’t been able to eat without teeth and to regain your confidence!

We help you Smile again and forever!

Procedure-A Timeline to Full Denture

After the removal of all the natural teeth(when there is absolutely no possibility of restoring any tooth) or in an edentulous state, the gum tissue is left to heal. The procedure is started only after the extraction site is completely healed.

Complete Denture for Senior citizens-SMILE, LAUGH, EAT AND TALK like before

At Excel Dental Care, Bangalore we feel privileged to offer Denture service at affordable prices. Our State of the art dental clinic, Specialist Dentists, flexible appointment scheduling, affordable treatment charges, wheelchair-accessible clinic, and dental procedure by gentle hands will be definitely loved by the senior citizens.


Immediate dentures are temporary dentures that are made before the extraction of natural teeth and are inserted immediately after teeth extraction.

The main advantage of Immediate denture is that you don’t have to go out in public without teeth following tooth removal.

With our Expert dentist at Excel Dental Care, Bangalore, and state of the art In-house Dental Laboratory, we can deliver you the immediate denture the same day. It definitely avoids you from the embarrassment of living without teeth.

Immediate denture at Excel Dental Care, Jayanagar, Bangalore


What is the cost of complete denture?

At Excel Dental Care, the cost of complete denture is affordable. We believe in delivering the best at reasonable price.

What is an alternative to complete denture?

Dental implants are a fixed and permanent alternative to complete denture.

What is the difference between the complete denture and full mouth dental implants?

Are complete dentures really comfortable?

Our team of doctors at Excel Dental Care ensure to give you the most comfortable set of full Denture.

Our patient reviews say that they are really comfortable wearing the dentures. We review our patients periodically, make adjustment if necessary.

How long will it take for me to get comfortable?

We deliver the denture after a number of assessment, trial in and approval by both the dentist and patients.

It will definitely take a week’s time to get adjusted and comfortable.

Will it look artificial?

No. Dentures are made to closely resemble your natural teeth and to mimic the natural teeth. We have a look at your previous photographs to study the size,shape and shade of your natural teeth and send the notes to the Dental Laboratory to execute the same in the denture.Infact, it will definitely improve your esthetics and smile.

Will dentures change how I speak?

With time you will get accustomed to speaking properly with dentures.

Can I eat with my denture on?

Yes. You can have a feast. But avoid sticky food, very hard food like bones and shells. Dentures are like a new lease of life.

Does it fall off when I cough, or while talking or eating food?

No. We strive hard to attain maximum stability and retention to prevent loosening of denture.

Do I get ulcers on wearing denture?

No. In few cases, in the initial days, you may feel irritation on gums. But, after minor adjustments by our Prosthodontist, the irritation will reduce.Kindly, contact the dentist if you get ulcers.

Do I have to wear it 24 hours?

You should remove dentures and place it in a bowl of water before going to bed.

What are Denture Adhesive?

It prevents denture from loosening and falling off

It provides added stability and retention to denture. But if your set of complete denture is perfect, with good stability and retention, you need not use a Dental Adhesive.

How to care for Denture?

  • Brush your denture with a soft bristled brush twice daily
  • Use denture cleaner instead of toothpaste to clean denture
  • Handle denture with great care. Avoid dropping denture.
  • At night, before you go to sleep place the denture in a bowl of water(room temperature water)

What if my denture breaks?

Please visit the dentist. The dentist will repair the denture at the dental office or will send it to the laboratory. If the damage is bad, then you have to get a new set of dentures made.

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