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All Ceramic Crowns

All-ceramic crowns and bridges is the Best solution for people looking for the most hi-tech, natural-looking crown available. When you choose All-ceramic dental crown and bridges by your Specialist dentists at Excel Dental Care, Bangalore you will receive a custom made, precise and accurate fitting crown that fits your smile perfectly. It is the most preferred choice of dental crowns owing to brilliant esthetics because we assure to perfectly match with your adjacent natural teeth color, thus making it look all natural and seamless. We take pride in being able to offer outstanding service and patient satisfaction.

  • It is the best choice for front and back teeth.
  • It is highly suitable for people with metal allergies.
  • It requires a minimal amount of tooth reduction/preparation for the placement of  All-Ceramic dental crown

At Excel Dental Care, we ensure that dental crowns meet the highest quality standards, and thus, we have collaborated with India’s No.1 Best dental laboratory to deliver beautifully perfect, comfortable dental crowns and bridges with precise fit and finishing.

We Ensure The Crowns Meet The Highest Quality Standards.|

Discover the magical wonders of All Ceramic dental Crowns and Bridges

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Emax Crowns and Bridges

  • Emax crowns are made from Lithium disilicate ceramic, a glass-ceramic that is known for its translucent color and possesses superb strength
  • Emax crowns are fracture-resistant, thus tough and durable
  • Due to its magnificent property of color translucency, it mimics your adjacent natural teeth color and looks exactly like your other teeth
  • Suitable for anterior and posterior teeth

Bruxzir Crowns and Bridges

  • Bruxzir Solid Zirconia is a monolithic Zirconia which is ideal for the crown, bridge, screw-retained implant crown, inlay, and only
  • It is designed and milled using CAD-CAM technology, Bruxzir solid monolithic Zirconia is sintered at high temperature to achieve optimal strength. Then, the Bruxzir crown or bridge is finally glazed to achieve a smooth surface.
  • Bruxzir prosthesis exhibit improved translucency and color matching property, thus look exactly like other natural teeth. They are backed with long term warranty
  • Bruxzir crowns and bridges are intended to provide tough, durable and esthetic prosthetic restoration in Bruxers, implant restorations and with limited occlusal space
  • Suitable for anterior and posterior teeth

Care for your Dental Crowns

The dental crowns which are permanently cemented don’t need any special care.

However, the tooth which has got a crown can also get decayed and face gum problems. Therefore, to keep teeth and gums healthy is important, following good oral hygiene practices which include brushing twice a day, flossing around the crown area where the gums meet the teeth, use of mouthwash and professional cleaning every 6 months is mandatory. It also requires occlusion evaluation every 6 months.

Types of All-ceramic Dental Crowns and Bridges