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Invisalign in Bangalore

Clear Alternative to Braces

Licensed Invisalign Provider in Bangalore-Dr. Jnanesha H.C

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Invisalign are clear, invisible braces that can straighten your teeth. This breakthrough innovation is the most trending orthodontic treatment option which ensures ultimate patient comfort.

It’s gaining popularity because of its versatile features such as

  • # 1 Effective orthodontic treatment modality
  • It is clear and removable type of braces
  • No pain. No brackets. No wires
  • Ultimate patient comfort
  • Absolutely no restrictions in your lifestyle
  • No one can make out that you are wearing braces

The strongest principle of happiness lies in the choice we make

Clear Invisible braces. Removable. Comfortable.

Smile confidently with Invisalign

Invisalign is Just Right For You

LIFESTYLENo changes in lifestyle requiredLifestyle modifications are mandatory for maintenance of braces
DIET/FOOD HABITSNo changes in Diet/Food habitsFoods to avoid:sticky food, chewing gums, pizza, caramel, hard food, biting on bone, corn on the cob, fruits and raw vegetables have to be cut into small pieces to prevent breakage of the brackets
TYPEIs RemovableIs Fixed
VISIBILITYIs virtually Invisible.No one can make out you are wearing bracesIs evidently visible.
ATTACHMENTS ON THE TEETHNo brackets. No wiresBrackets and wires are an integral part of the metal, ceramic and lingual braces
PAINNo pain/discomfortMild to moderate pain/discomfort
ULCERSNo ulcersOccurence of ulcers are often due to the brackets and wires impinging on the soft tissue
COLOURAligners are transparentColour of the braces is stainless steel colour(metal) or
tooth coloured(ceramic)
ORAL HYGIENE MAINTENANCEOral hygiene maintenance is very easy as the aligners are removable. So brushing is not a problemOral hygiene maintenance is tough due to the brackets which are bonded on the teeth. Improper brushing results in caries, calculus and gingival problems
FOLLOW UP VISITSVisit to orthodontist is less. Required :Every 6-8 weeksVisit to orthodontist is every month. Every 3-4 weeks visit is mandatory
COSTIs slightly costly due to its significant benefits and featuresIs Reasonable.

Embark on the Invisalign Aligners journey-super simple

1st Visit

2nd Visit

3rd Visit

Why Choose Invisalign? Discover the Benefits of Invisalign

  • Invisalign is the pioneer of Aligners
  • Totally Invisible:recommended for individuals who are looking for alignment of teeth without the hassle of brackets and wires. No one can make out that you are wearing dental braces.
  • Removable type of braces: To be removed during meals, thus there is no restriction in diet or food
  • It is made of SmartTrack material(polycarbonate material) which is totally biocompatible with oral tissues
  • Oral hygiene is easier as they are removed while brushing and meals
  • Fewer orthodontic appointments required
  • No pain or discomfort compared to regular braces
  • No disturbance in speaking or smiling
  • Best suited for individuals with metal allergy

Who is the Right Candidate for Invisalign ?

If you have ANY of the following Orthodontic problem, then you can embark on the Invisalign journey

Instructions for the Care of your Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign Aligners Maintaence is super easy. You will love it cos there will be no changes in your Lifestyle

  • Wear your Invisalign Aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day for excellent results
  • Rinse your mouth and aligners frequently to maintain good oral hygiene
  • Do not chew food with Invisalign in place.Remove them while eating. Enjoy the feast without any worry.That’s the advantage of removable Invisalign Aligners. Do not forget to wear the aligners after food
  • Rinse and brush the Invisalign Aligners with a soft tooth brush twice daily with normal room temperature water.
  • Do not use warm or hot water for cleaning your aligners
  • Wear each set of Invisalign Aligners for 15 days followed by next set of aAligners
  • If next set of Aligner is too tight or not fitting easily,then continue the previous aligners for few more days or consult your Orthodontist Invisalign provider
  • Whenever you remove the aligner,place in the box provided for you to avoid loss or breakage
  • Incase of loss or breakage of aligners,wear the previous aligner and contact your Invisalign provider Orthodontist
  • You will absolutely not have any emergencies visits, cos you don’t have to worry about ulcers, wires poking, loosening of brackets, hassles of elastics
  • Always carry the set of aligners during your long holiday/Travel
  • You can be active in sports and all the activities you love

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