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Latest Technology

Dental Laser

The evolution of Laser Dentistry is a miraculous blessing. At Excel Dental Care, we use a Soft-Tissue Diode laser for pain therapy, cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, gingival depigmentation, jaw joint disorders, to arrest/stop bleeding after tooth extraction, to disinfect and sterilize root canal during root canal treatment, for the elimination of soft tissue lesion,correction of gummy smile, and  in minor oral surgical procedures like frenectomy, etc

Benefits of the Dental Laser Treatment

  • Painless dental procedure
  • High precision work
  • No bleeding
  • Faster treatment time
  • Quick healing

Dental Operating Microscope - The tool that dictates success

Dental Operating Microscope has revolutionized the dental practice. This optical aid is a guide for precision in work.

Benefits of using the dental operating microscope for the success of the treatment attributes to

  • Improved illumination
  • Improved visualization
  • High resolution
  • Magnification – enables us to see beyond the power of our naked eye
  • Increased precision

International Standard of Sterilisation - B Class Autoclave

At Excel Dental Care, we are equipped with International Standard of Sterilisation – B Class Autoclave to ensure patient safety and to prevent cross infection.

Each instrument undergoes thorough cleaning, drying, packing and sterilisation by B class autoclave at 121 degree Celsius to 134 degree Celsius  to ensure hygiene maintainance  and to prevent cross infection.

Invisalign - Clear Alternative to Braces

No Brackets. No Wires.

Invisalign are clear, invisible braces that can straighten your teeth. This breakthrough innovation is the most trending orthodontic treatment option which ensures ultimate patient comfort. It’s gaining popularity because of its versatile features such as

  1. # 1 effective and comfortable orthodontic treatment modality
  2. It is clear and removable type of braces
  3. No pain. No brackets. No wires
  4. Ultimate patient comfort
  5. Absolutely no restrictions in your lifestyle

Intra Oral Camera - See and know what is in your mouth

This tool helps to gain precise and well-defined pictures of less accessible areas in the patient’s mouth.

This technology allows the dentist to capture and see the intra-oral images, which helps to evaluate the dental issue. It also helps to educate the patient about his/her oral care needs.

Digital X-Rays

They are faster and have less radiation compared to traditional x-rays. When a patient has digital x-ray done, the image appears on the computer in few seconds. The dentist can zoom in to assess and also has the ease of storage.