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Lingual Braces-INCOGNITO HIDDEN BRACES in Bangalore

These are HIDDEN braces as they are bonded/attached to the back surface of the teeth, thus making it unnoticeable unlike the traditional conventional braces which are bonded on the front surface of the teeth like ‘ train tracks’.

The Lingual braces are virtually invisible, so it is just perfect for you to straighten your teeth without having to be conscious of your appearance with the braces on. Infact, NO ONE CAN MAKE OUT THAT YOU ARE WEARING BRACES

It is suitable for all age groups-Children, Teens, Adults

They are individually designed and created just for you-100 % CUSTOM MADE which ensures ultimate comfort and efficient treatment results, all of which are achieved by computer-aided design, 3D printing technology, and robotics involved in the making of the brackets and wires

This system of Orthodontic treatment modality offers Great patient comfort due to extremely flat design of the brackets, as compared to any other  braces



Because these are HIDDEN BRACES, they are placed behind your teeth, thus they are invisible from outside and to others. No one can make out you are wearing braces. You can confidently smile and live your life to the fullest without being conscious


The Incognito system is custom-designed to perfectly fit the shape of your teeth for individual treatment needs. The customized brackets and robotic wires are engineered to deliver the best treatment result efficiently with ultimate comfort


The Incognito braces which are made of smooth low profile brackets offer Ultimate Comfort as they are custom made and fit your teeth perfectly. Absolutely no speech disturbance.The treatment is efficient and appreciable success in a short time.

If aesthetics is your concern, and if you don’t want to have the brackets and wires to be seen; then you ought to opt for Incognito Hidden braces

  • Suitable for ALL Age group
  • Suitable for Kids, Teens and Adults
  • Most suitable for individuals who are allergic to Nickel-Titanium alloy as Incognito braces are made of Gold alloy;
  • A great treatment option for correction of Orthodontic problems like Space between teeth, Protruded teeth, Crossbite, Irregularly placed teeth, crooked teeth

Make the right choice!

The brackets are bonded to the back surface of the teeth, thus, making it unnoticeable.The brackets are bonded to the front surface of the teeth, it is obviously visible
It is the ONLY 100% customised system of Fixed Orthodontic treatment modality.It is not custom made.
Great patient comfort because of the Low profile bases and flat design of the brackets The brackets are relatively bigger in size
The braces aren’t seen when you smile.
It gives you the confidence to smile with braces.
The braces are visible when you smile, speak
The cost of lingual braces is higher than other fixed bracesThe fixed braces are reasonable

Straighten your teeth with Incognito Hidden braces...

Only because they are virtually invisible and Hidden

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