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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Bangalore

At Excel Dental Care, the highly experienced and skilled Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon will perform the surgical extraction of the wisdom tooth to help you get rid of the pain.

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to erupt in the mouth. They commonly erupt between 17 to 28 years of age. The wisdom tooth may erupt normally like any other tooth with no pain and properly positioned. At times, wisdom teeth may be impacted. The wisdom tooth is also known as third molars.

Signs and Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth Pain

How is the wisdom tooth removed?

At Excel Dental Care, Bangalore wisdom tooth removal is done by the highly experienced Oral Surgeon.

  • The incision is given on the gums covering the wisdom tooth.
  • The bone that blocks the tooth is cut through with the dental handpiece along with continuous saline irrigation to gain access to the deep-seated tooth
  • After access is gained, the tooth is pulled out
  • The extraction site is cleaned with saline
  • Bleeding is stopped with Soft-tissue Diode Laser
  • Sutures are placed to promote healing.

What are the Instructions to follow after Tooth Removal?

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Is it okay to remove impacted wisdom teeth?

It is absolutely advised. If the impacted wisdom tooth is symptomatic with pain and swelling, extraction is the only solution.

Is the extraction of wisdom tooth procedure painful?

No. We administer local anesthesia to make the procedure painless.

The slight pressure of instrumentation is felt. Post extraction pain is controlled by medications.

Does tooth removal affect my eyes or health?


Will I have swelling after the removal of the tooth?

Medications and applying ice pack as directed by the dentist, will definitely reduce swelling and promote healing