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Zirconia crowns and bridges

Zirconia crowns have become a more popular teeth replacement option for all the benefits it offers. Zirconia crowns are used as a way to supports broken, weaken, or misshapen teeth and to cap a root canal treated tooth

What is Zirconia crown made of?

Zirconia is a white powdered metal oxide used as Zirconium dioxide. Zirconia is made from Zirconium which is a highly durable and match the look of natural teeth as well. Zirconia is a type of All-ceramic crown.

Restore and Improve your Smile with Zirconia crowns

Benefits of Zirconia crowns-It definitely deserves all the Hype

  • Resembles natural tooth enamel due to its colour and translucence
  • Stain resistant
  • Very minimal tooth reduction required
  • Biocompatible with oral tissues
  • No metal base
  • Extremely DURABLE
  • 5 times stronger than Porcelain crown
  • Long term Warranty guaranteed
  • Also suitable for individuals who have teeth grinding habit
  • Resists hot and cold temperature well. Thus chances of hypersensitivity is nil

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