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Best Orthodontist in Bangalore - Dr. Jnanesha H.C


Excellence in quality dental care and gentle in delivering the treatment are his primary goals and providing the best orthodontic care to deliver beautiful smiles is his prime objective.

Besides, many honors and distinctions received during his dental education, our orthodontist is committed to excellence. Hence, at our Orthodontic Centre, we are fortunate to have the Best orthodontist in Bangalore.

Work Experience:

  • Dr. Jnanesha H C  has 15 years of experience as an Orthodontist
  • Dr. Jnanesha H.C has 4 years of work experience as a Consultant Orthodontist in a prestigious dental clinic in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Dr. Jnanesh H.C is also a Consultant Orthodontist in over 20 dental clinics in Karnataka
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Educational Qualification

  • BDS: 1997-2002- Yenepoya dental college and hospital, Mangalore from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.
  • MDS: 2004-2007 – Government Dental College and Research Institute, Bangalore from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.
  • FLD: 2010 – Fellowship in laser dentistry from Manipal University
  • Certified Invisalign (USA) provider
  • Certificate in Lingual Orthodontics
  • Fellowship in Implant dentistry
  • Certified Clear path Aligner provider
  • Certified and well experienced in Smile designing /smile makeover


  • He was awarded 1st rank in Karnataka state MDS entrance examination in 2004 from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
  • Secured 1st rank in Periodontics in the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences undergraduate examinations.
  • Specialized in Laser dentistry from Manipal University
  • He has attended many conferences in India and Abroad to remain at the forefront of technological advancements in orthodontics and in the field of dentistry


  • Indian Orthodontic Society
  • Indian Dental Association
  • American Dental Association
  • Indian Academy of Laser Dentistry
  • Invisalign (USA) study group

Advanced orthodontic centre for dental braces ,Clear Aligners and Invisalign centre in Bangalore

Dental braces and Orthodontic treatment for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics deals with malpositioned teeth and jaws, their diagnosis, prevention, and their correction.

  • Our chief Orthodontist is the first rank holder for the Karnataka state MDS entrance examination in 2004.
  • In-house, full-time availability of the Orthodontic treatment
  • Certified Invisalign provider
  • Fast braces treatment
  • Pain-free dental braces treatment using the latest advanced technology.
  • Our state of the art orthodontic center in Jayanagar emphasizes on personal and compassionate practice in offering enhanced beautiful, healthy smiles.
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Types of Orthodontic braces

Orthodontic braces or Dental braces is a device used to correct the malocclusion to perfectly align the teeth and gaining the correct bite to restore the function of the teeth and to enhance facial aesthetics. The type of braces you want depends on the various factors like:

  • Your preference for a removable or fixed type of braces                                                                    * The severity of your malocclusion
  • Duration of your treatment                                                                                                                       * Cost of braces
  • If tooth extraction is required or not                                                                                                       *  If palatal expansion or jaw widening is necessary

Our Orthodontist will guide you in selecting the right type of braces for you in regard to the above considerations.

To know more about the braces, click on the type of Braces

Dental Braces for

correction of malocclusion. A malocclusion is a misalignment or incorrect relationship between the teeth of the two dental arches when they approach each other as the upper jaw and lower jaw close. This tooth structural, skeletal, and cosmetic imperfections are corrected by Dental braces.

Do I need braces?

All about Dental Braces and Orthodontic treatment? FAQ's

What is Dental Braces or Orthodontic treatment?

It is a treatment modality to correct the crooked/ irregularly placed teeth into good alignment, correction of protruded/ forwardly placed teeth, to close the gap/ space between teeth and to correct jaw problems like a small jaw(deficient/retrognathic jaw) or a big jaw ( protruded / forwardly placed jaw). Straightening your teeth will enhance your appearance, boosts confidence, and gives you a beautiful smile forever.

What is the cost of Dental Braces in Bangalore?

Cost of Dental braces or Orthodontic treatment at Excel Dental Care, Bangalore is AFFORDABLE.

We offer EMI payment options with 0% Interest.

To know the cost of Dental braces or orthodontic treatment, Call Us: +91 9483151643. 7892895968

Who does Braces or Orthodontic treatment?

ORTHODONTIST is the Specialist Dentist who specializes in straightening teeth 

At Excel Dental Care, we have Dr. Jnanesha H.C, the best orthodontist in Bangalore.

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What are the instructions for Braces treatment?

Oral hygiene instructions during orthodontic treatment:

  • Brushing twice daily with special orthodontic brushes
  • Use mouthwash regularly
  • Use the interdental brush in the areas between braces where it’s difficult for the normal brush to reach 
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste

What are the Food Restrictions during Orthodontic treatment?

  • Fruits – should be sliced or cut into small pieces; Dry fruits like almonds should be cut into pieces or soaked to make it soft for consumption
  • Foods to avoid:
  • Biting on hard foods like guava, corn on the cob, walnut shells, hard raw vegetables like Carrot, beetroot should be avoided.
  • Sticky food items like candy, chewing gums, caramel, toffee, pizza to be avoided
  • Non-vegetarians should have only boneless food as care for braces

Do I have to remove my teeth or get tooth extraction for orthodontic treatment?


Our first priority is always to do the braces treatment without the extraction/ removal of teeth. However, at times we may have to advise for the removal of teeth if the teeth are severely protruded, severely crooked, or malpositioned to gain space. Extraction is mainly done to gain space for teeth movement for proper alignment of teeth.

In this instance, it will be discussed priorly during your first consultation (during the treatment planning phase)  at our orthodontic center, and only after the patient’s and the guardian’s consent we will advise for extraction and we do it meticulously without much discomfort. We ensure that the gap or space (Extraction space) created by the removal of teeth is closed completely by the end of the treatment.

What is the duration of Orthodontic treatment? How long do I have to wear Dental Braces?

 Duration for the completion of orthodontic treatment varies, usually between 8 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR, depending on the severity of the malocclusion.

  •         With FAST BRACES, the duration can be reduced to 6 months. Fast braces are the accelerated orthodontic treatment modality.
  •         A breakthrough innovation in Orthodontics is the invention of Acceledent, which accelerates the tooth movement to achieve perfect alignment of teeth.

Is braces treatment or orthodontic treatment painful?

  •    Fixing the braces is totally PAINLESS  and does not require anesthesia.
  • We need to activate the braces, on a monthly basis, and during this mild discomfort will persist for a day or two which can be managed easily.
  • We use the latest advanced technology and materials so that the braces treatment goes very smoothly and will not disturb your routine daily activities.
  • You don’t require to take leave for even a single day during the entire period of orthodontic treatment.

Does my tooth loosen or become weak after Orthodontic treatment?

Absolutely NO.

  • Teeth loosen because of Gum problems due to poor oral hygiene maintenance and not because of Braces.
  • We give special and specific oral hygiene instructions which are simple to follow. On each and every monthly visit, we will be monitoring your oral hygiene status so that there is no possibility of teeth loosening or weakening.

Will my teeth relapse or go back to the previous position after Orthodontic treatment?

  • Avoiding relapse is the most important part of orthodontic treatment and we give utmost importance to this aspect.
  • Retainers will be placed to retain the perfect alignment achieved on completion of the braces treatment. We ensure there will be no relapse.
  • Retainers are 2 types: –
  • Removable retainer
  • Fixed retainer

Will I get Mouth Ulcers or sore mouth during Braces treatment?

It will take a few days to get accustomed to the braces. We advice precautionary measures to be followed to avoid ulcers during this period.

A week after the start of braces, you will not have ulcer issues.

Will I have speech problem or speech disturbance with Dental braces?


Is the braces treatment covered by Insurance?

This depends on the insurance coverage you have opted or your company provides.

Can we expand the jaws by Braces?

YES. It can be done during the growing age of upto 15 years. After this age, dental arch can be expanded using the arch wires to some extent.

Does mouth breathing or thumb sucking or tongue trusting result in teeth protrusion?

It depends on the duration, intensity, and frequency of the habit. We do have habit-breaking appliances to help stop these habits which result in malalignment of teeth. Early intervention to stop habits is recommended.

Does my facial appearance change after braces?

Our aim is to perfectly align your teeth and create a beautiful smile by enhancing your facial profile and symmetry, we make sure that the facial appearance improves.

How long do I have to wear Retainer after Orthodontic treatment?

Usually for a year. Retainers prevent relapse of the orthodontic treatment so it is mandatory to follow up Braces with a retainer to retain the achieved result.

Fixed retainers are totally invisible and comfortable so you need not worry.

What is a Removable retainer?

Removable retainers are acrylic plate with wire appliance, which has to be worn all the time except during meals.

Disadvantages of removable retainer:

  • It has to be removed each time while having food.
  • Many times, people forget to wear it back after food, resulting in relapse.
  • This repeated removing and placing it back will loosen the appliance and may cause relapse.
  • It requires good brushing/ cleaning of the appliance, otherwise, it will lead to bad breath
  • There are chances of breakage if it falls down
  • Removable retainer requires frequent visit to orthodontist even after orthodontic treatment

How long do I have to wear Retainer after Orthodontic treatment?

Usually for a year. Retainers prevent relapse of the orthodontic treatment so it is mandatory to follow up Braces with a retainer to retain the achieved result.

Fixed retainers are totally invisible and comfortable so you need not worry.

Which is the Best type of retainer after Orthodontic treatment? What is a fixed retainer ? what is Retainer in Orthodontic treatment?

No doubt, fixed retainers or bonded lingual retainers are the best retainers. Fixed retainers are bonded on the lingual or back surface of the teeth using a special procedure.


  • Totally invisible
  • Totally comfortable and no pain
  • Do not require frequent visit to the orthodontist after braces treatment
  • Easy or no maintenance required
  • The best part- chances of relapse is NIL or very very rare                          

We strongly recommend fixed retainers for the benefit of the patients at our Advanced Orthodontic Centre for Dental Braces and Invisalign Centre


Is complimentary, free orthodontic consultation with our highly experienced, skilled orthodontist and We assess your overall dental health

WHAT TO EXPECT: You will be informed about

  • Your dental health status
  • Preventive and corrective dental procedures required
  • Your Orthodontic treatment needs and potential treatment plan suitable for you
  • Our chief orthodontist, Dr. Jnanesh H.C will discuss the different orthodontic treatment modalities
  • Duration of Braces treatment
  • Cost of the orthodontic treatment
  • Payment options- 0% Interest EMI payment option
  • For individuals opting for Aligners and Invisalign, intraoral scan and a post-treatment simulation ClinChek will be arranged

Dental braces for Kids, Teens and Adults

Straighten your teeth for a beautiful smile!

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